Saturday, May 28, 2011

Treasure Box Giveaway Winners.......are you one of them?

I am so excited to announce the Treasure Box Winners!

First Place Winner: You get to choose the pendent you want from these three choices!

Second Place Mystery Prize is:

Third Place Mystery Prize is:
50% off Any Item in my shop!
(winner:contact me at to receive your discount code)

Thank you all for entering the Treasure Box giveaway, I look forward to other great giveaways to come!!

Now are you ready to see who the winners are? 
Below is a screen shoot of the random drawing, if you are a winner please contact me at 
(although rules state you have to comment here with your email addy, I dont want you to get spammed so just comment that you claim your prize and then email me your info, thanks!)

The Winners Are:

Incase you cant see them in the pic the winners are

1st Place: Jenn Brockman
2nd Place: Sharna
3rd Place: Kassandra

Remember you have 48hrs to claim your prize (until Monday morning). If you do not claim your prize, it will bump down the list to the next one in line. Again Thank you all so much!

Everyone is a winner,  everyone receives a one time use: 10% off your order by using this coupon code:
Redeem this coupon by visiting 
(coupon is not valid on/for Kaitie Kaps for business)

Again Thank you for entering the contest! Congrats to the winners!
~ Me To You Treasures~
~ Mary~


  1. Whooooo HOOOOOOoo Awesomeness! I would love to have the Trust your instincts piece Mary. If I also get the ribbon, I'll take ribbon.

  2. I know I posted last night. Here it is again just in case it didn't work. I'd love the trust your instincts charm.

    jenn dot brockman dot snktr at gmail dot com

  3. Congrats Sharna! Thank you for Claiming your prize, its on its way!

  4. Congrats Jenn, Thank you for claiming your prize! If I have an extra organza ribbon necklace I will switch them out otherwise it comes with the one that is in the photo. email me your address so I can ship it to you asap, Thanks!


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