About MTYT

We invite you to delve into our  treasure box of beautifully handcrafted treasures! You are sure to find something to Satisfy Your Senses!

Hi my name is Mary Reid and the owner of  Me To You Treasures  I craft a variety of items from fabric memo boards, drawstring bags, jewelry, magnets, bottle caps, glass tile pendents, to what ever pulls at me at the time.If you have ideas or suggestions of items that would like to see, I would love to hear from you!

Have you ever got that strong urge that just pulls from deep within you, threatening to burst out at any moment? That is how I feel when I am creating one of my treasures. To me that is my way of  letting out a piece of my own creativity.

I am a single mom of two. When i'm not creating for my shop, I am working full time as a Home Health Care Giver. And when i'm not working i am making the most of life with my two beautiful and spirited little girls!

I love to network. You can find us on Face Book as well... http://www.facebook.com/MeToYouTreasures.
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I look forward to creating a treasure for you! !

~ Mary~
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