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{Morgan Kervin Photography }
Showcase: Me To You Treasures

Not too long ago I came across Mary, the founder of Me To You Treasures, a local business woman that makes these adorable necklaces. I was so excited to hear she would make my "I shoot people" necklace for me...OK I was ecstatic!  She has very reasonable pricing (she should seriously charge more for her pendants). They are beautiful, she quickly finishes and.........................

{Once Upon A Dollar}
by: Deni Copper

I am a happy owner of several of Mary's pendants and have had my eye on several others as well, like the one to the left, for example. Her selection is expansive, from nature scenes to military support, to cutesy quotes and artsy color splashes. She'll even make a custom photo for you out of just about any image you send her.  She's got a little something for everyone and her customer care is top notch. Her pendants come on black leather cord, ribbon or ball chains and they hold up VERY WELL to abuse by toddler. Believe me, I know.

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{Taylor Family Gifts}
by: Sharna Taylor

If you like handmade products I know a lady, a good friend of mine having a giveaway on her handmade pendants. I have personally purchased from her and was very pleased with the quality of the products. She loves what she does and does it very well.

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